Fortitude Ranch utility token avoids security risks and offers big upside price increase potential

The SEC keeps threatening to go after ICOs because most offer profit sharing and voting rights similar to what stock equity owners receive.  But pure utility cryptocurrency tokens—where you have the right to a discounted, priority buy of a new product or service—do not have equity features or face security regulation risks. The problem is that these utility tokens may not have much price increase upside potential—and thus not get much sales. The key is to look for opportunities where a utility token can have big price increases. The utility token offered by Fortitude Ranch may be the ideal ICO […]

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Monkey pox, bioengineering, and the need to be prepared for a pandemic

A Nov 3 article in the Washington Post warns of Monkeypox, a human to human transmissible virus with 10% lethality (1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 100 million was only 1.5% lethal).  We are not in any way prepared for the threat of a natural pandemic or, perhaps worse, a bioengineered pandemic. This is why we founded “Fortitude Ranch” a recreational community in rural mountain/forest locations that is a great place to vacation and recreate in good times—and a “head for the hills” survival facility during bad times like a pandemic or widespread electric outage. From the article: “A cousin […]

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