Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Threat Update and Newsletter: August 2022

Editor’s note;  we normally start with a threat update, but this time a short editor’s note.  We have two items submitted by members for this issue.  First a report on a great new documentary on our very fragile, vulnerable electrical system.  Second, one of our members wrote a very realistic and entertaining story imagining what it would be like riding out a collapse at Fortitude Ranch.  It’s a very educational, worth reading, surprisingly moving good essay. Probability of a Nuclear Exchange with China over Taiwan continues to rise The warnings and rising indications of war with China over Taiwan are […]

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Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Threat Update and Newsletter: July 2022

A senior Iranian official just announced that Iran has the technical means to produce a nuclear weapon, and has already enriched uranium far beyond imposed limits, and can readily reach weapons grade levels.  This is not really a surprise to people who have been watching Iran’s development not just of nuclear weapons grade material, but long range ICBMs.  With Iran regarding the United States and “the Great Satin,” run by a fanatical, religious government this is a direct threat.  Israel may well launch preemptive attacks on Iran, an ally of Russia, which could lead to a rapidly escalating conflict that […]

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Fire Nuggets: What are they, how do you make them and when do you use them.

Arguably, creating fire is one of the most, if not the most, important skills you can have in a survival situation. When you create fire you create warmth, light, the ability to cook your food, boil water, protect yourself and provide comfort. The very act of being able to create fire can be a matter of life and death. The scene in the movie Castaway where Tom Hanks finally creates fire and he dances around on the beach praising himself demonstrates that he knows at that point he will survive. Fire nuggets will allow you to have that same great […]

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Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Newsletter: February 2022

We may well be on the path to World War Three, with “Achilles’ heel” vulnerabilities that invite nuclear attack While it is not getting much mainstream media attention, Russia clearly has China’s support for the invasion of Ukraine, and Iran and North Korea are also part of this dangerous alliance.  The Ukraine invasion and Russia’s current high state of nuclear alert raises the risk of nuclear war, but it is China invading Taiwan that possess a much greater risk of nuclear attacks on the U.S. mainland.  China has been absolutely clear that they regard Taiwan as their territory and they […]

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Fortitude Ranch Collapse Threat Update and Newsletter: January 2022

A Review of Threats:  China remains a far more dangerous threat of near-term nuclear war than a Russian invasion of Ukraine.   Civil unrest and misuse of new technologies also pose grave risks of a collapse. Our newsletters usually begin with a report on a specific threat that could lead to a “collapse”—a situation where the economy is not functioning and there is wide spread loss of law and order.  There are so many items to report on now that we’re doing a brief update on a variety of threats that we are watching. While news today is focused on the […]

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Fortitude Ranch December 2020 Newsletter

You probably didn’t see this in mainstream media, but we monitor sources like Defense One news that cover threats that our elected government officials ignore since they lack vote buying potential. The Wall Street Journal also confirmed this new much larger ICBM likely has capability to reach the U.S. mainland. Jeffrey Lewis, a scholar at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies believes that the missile is intended to carry multiple warheads, increasing the likelihood of getting through U.S. missile defenses. While it may not be accurate it would not need to be to launch a devastating Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) […]

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Fortitude Ranch June 2020 Member Newsletter

As Civil Unrest and Division in U.S. worsens, Fortitude Ranch likely to open for possible collapse post Nov election The police murder of George Floyd was horrible, and unfortunately sparked violence and a further breakdown in our society.   Police officers shot, people trying to protect their businesses from looters murdered, Courthouses and police buildings attacked and burned.  Changes and improvements are clearly needed, but the backlash against police, the vast majority of whom are honorable and decent, may lead to fewer wanting to serve and less commitment from them to risk their lives when either violent riots breakout, or the […]

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Covid-19 update and Fortitude Ranch May 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update As we predicted back in January, the low lethality of this virus, now believed to be much less than 1%, has made this no real threat, not a collapse trigger.   As we’ve noted in previous newsletters, we need to get prepared for really bad pandemics like Avian Flu with a 60% lethality rate, or a bioengineered virus released by Iran, North Korean, an Islamic terrorist group, or even one dedicated individual who thinks the best way to stop human damage to the planet is to wipe out most of our species.  We will maintain vigilance for […]

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