Fortitude Ranch Threat Update and March Newsletter: H5N1 continues to mutate and spread in U.S.—serious 60% lethal human pandemic risk

As we have warned in the past, the H5N1 virus (previously called Avian or Bird Flu) has mutated in recent years and is rapidly spreading in many mammal populations around the world. A new University of California study reported that: The other mutated H5N1 virus expansion this month to another new mammal, a goat dying of H5N1 for the firs time in the U.S. A 2023 study in the professional journal “Viruses” explains that viruses mutate and adapt and spread to new species via “mixing vessels”—in this case, influenza virus mutating and mixing in other mammals:  “Influenza viruses . . […]

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Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Threat Update and Newsletter: January 2024

Tech Billionaires Building Bunkers, Preparing to Survive Collapse As a former intelligence officer, I can assure you that most intelligence information comes from “open sources”—media and podcasts, publicly accessible databases, open information sources.  And tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg have especially great access to this intelligence.  It is no surprise that Peter Thiel, Founder of Palantir Technologies, which specializes in big data analytics with big clients including intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense, is very well aware of the growing list of collapse threats, beyond the “Flashing Lights” that the FBI Director warned about last month.  Thiel’s survival plan […]

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Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Threat Update and Newsletter: December 2023

The major source of elevated threats now is Iran. The Hamas attack on Israel was orchestrated by Iran, along with on-going attacks on U.S. forces in the region. It is very likely that Iranian sponsored or executed terrorist attacks will occur in the U.S. If they target vulnerable parts of our electric grid, poison water supplies, execute cyber attacks (likely in conjunction with their allies: Russia, China, North Korea), they could cause major disruptions and possibly trigger a collapse. Yes, we know it’s the holiday season, so offering cheer with some survival humor: Fortitude Ranch was recently praised by a […]

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Fortitude Ranch Survival Community Threat Update and Newsletter: November 2023

Prepper survey reports on greatest threats we face today A survey of preppers, who unlike most Americans are regularly watching for indications of a disaster or event that could lead to a “collapse” (economy not functioning, widespread loss of law and order), rated the top threats we face.  Below is a list of the top threats of concern to watchful, prepared Americans, in order of concern (based on their assessment of both likelihood of occurrence, and impact of the collapse that may result): Unsurprisingly, over half rated loss of our electric grid as a grave, #1 threat.  Vulnerabilities of our […]

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Fortitude Ranch featured in USA Today article

Fortitude Ranch was featured in an article in USA Today. The article — titled “Could 2024 election cause society to collapse? Some preppers think so – and they’re ready.” — was a cover story in some editions of the newspaper. The picture on the right is one of several taken at Fortitude Ranch Colorado for the piece. Read the story here.

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