Fortitude Ranch is a survival community equipped to survive any type of disaster and long-term loss of law and order, managed by full time staff. Fortitude Ranch is affordable (about $1,000/person annually) because of large numbers of members and economies of scale.
Fortitude Ranch is especially attractive to join because it doubles as a recreation and vacation facility as well as a survival retreat. Members can vacation, hunt, fish and recreate at our forest and mountain locations in good times, and shelter at Fortitude Ranch to survive a collapse.


Now offering survival storage at Fortitude Ranch Nevada and West Virginia. Store weapons, ammo, food, survival gear and supplies, or whatever you wish in your locked storage box on our guarded properties.
TV documentary “While the Rest of Us Die”, featuring Fortitude Ranch, covers how government has massive investment and facilities to protect elected officials, but rest of us are on our own.
We are expanding! (See map) If interested in investing in or working for the Ranch, e-mail us.
Fortitude Ranch now offers low cost RV memberships at some locations. Contact us for more details.


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Bring your family and friends to tour our new survival and recreation facility
Enjoy hiking in the forest and mountains, farm animals, hunting and horseback riding
Firing range at all Fortitude Ranch locations for member recreational use and training
Excellent survival capabilities and recreation opportunities at the cost of a family vacation to a mountain guest ranch


1. Real Life Insurance  Not a payment if you die, but a survival community that keeps you and family protected, safe, and alive.

2. No cost Vacation and Recreation  Fortitude Ranch is a survival community in bad times, and a free place to stay for vacations and recreation in good times.  “Prepare for the Worst, Enjoy the Present” is our motto.

3. Affordable  A long term Spartan membership provides protection and recreation benefits as low as $1,000/person annually for long term membership.

4. Professional, Friendly Staff   Ranch Managers are former military, with essential survival skills and leadership experience.  Our friendly staff working with members who all contribute in a collapse, ensures we all survive in good shape and spirits.

5. Sustainable  We don’t just stockpile food, we have farm animals, gardens, hunting and fishing, solar/gas/wood energy, and means to survive even the longest collapse disaster.

6. Country Club membership benefits  In good times, Fortitude Ranch is a place to vacation and recreate, with a country club membership style of up front payment and quarterly dues.

7. Shooting Ranges at all our locations, free for member use.

8. Friendly Guard Dogs who protect our chickens and farm animals and entertain our members.

9. Confidential   We will never divulge member names.

10. Ultimate Protection  No other survival option is staffed and equipped to deal with all the threats we face and keep you not just alive, but in good health and spirits.  You can’t hide forever in a collapse, you must be able to defend yourself.

Investment Opportunity

Fortitude Ranch is accepting investments from accredited investors to fund national expansion. Email us for more information.

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