Methods of Payment

You may pay for your membership via check, debit, credit card or PayPal Credit. To pay by debit or credit card, enter your payment amount below and select "Pay Now.” Both registered users and guests of PayPal accepted. If you have or create a PayPal account, we accept PayPal Credit.

Amount: USD

For checks, make out to "Fortitude Ranch” and mail to:
PO Box 49554
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
You can make membership payments and token purchases via Zelle by using our email address:  [email protected]

Wire funds to:

  • Bank Name – 1st Bank
  • Routing Number – 107005047
  • Address of Bank – Lakewood, Colorado
  • Beneficiary's Name – Disaster Preparedness LLC
  • Beneficiary's Account Number – 9101250307


♦ # days/year recreational use limited due to limited above ground rooms and to allow guests more privacy when recreating at site

♦ Vacation visits limited to two weeks/year

♦ Priority scheduling for your "base" ranch, visit other locations on first come first reserved basis

♦ There is no charge to visit and recreate/overnight at Fortitude Ranch locations for members, but length of stay limited to ensure small number of guests for privacy and ability to enjoy solitude of outdoor surroundings.