Membership Information


♦ # days/year recreational use limited due to limited above ground rooms and to allow guests more privacy when recreating at site

♦ Maximum 7 days/summer, 4 days/Fall-hunting season, 7 days winter

♦ Priority scheduling for your "base" ranch, visit other locations on first come first reserved basis

♦ There is no charge to visit and recreate/overnight at Fortitude Ranch locations for members, but length of stay limited to ensure small number of guests for privacy and ability to enjoy solitude of outdoor surroundings. Non-member guests allowed if space is available.

Member/Guest Costs to use Ranch

Timing Member Guest
Scheduled* Vacation Use Free No
Declared Alert/Collapse Free No
Member Anxiety (we don't believe high threat, but member does) $100/day No
Services/Activities Member Guest
Horseback Riding $20/hour $40/hour
Meals at Lodge $10/meal $20/meal
Shooting Range Free $10/hour