The Fortitude Ranch management team is a group of experienced “preppers” who have been acquiring survival skills and operating survival groups for decades. Most of us are former military. All of us have business and professional backgrounds and the highest standards of integrity. Our Foodservice Manager has thirty years of restaurant management experience. Some of our staff, in keeping with the prepper community ethos of “don’t tell anyone you’re a prepper” do not list their names on our website. Many of our members have ideal survival skills such as MDs and Pharmacists. They are not listed here, and we never disclose our member’s names!

Dr. Drew Miller, Col USAFR (Ret)


Colonel Miller is a USAF Academy honor graduate who received an academic scholarship to Harvard University where he earned a Master’s Degree and PhD in Public Policy/Operations Research. His dissertation topic was underground nuclear defense shelters and field fortifications. Drew served in the Cold War at Strategic Air Command, deployed to Germany, Bosnia, and Iraq. In addition to serving as an intelligence officer in Active, Air Guard and Reserve AF positions, retiring as a Colonel, he served in the Senior Executive Service in the Pentagon, and in many business management positions. His articles on the bioengineered viral pandemic threat and collapse have been published in leading journals. In addition to opening new FR locations, Drew serves as Ranch Manager for FR Colorado.

David J, LTC USA (Ret)

Chief Operations Officer

David is a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Army and retired Army Chemical Officer. He taught nuclear biological and chemical warfare defense to military personnel all over the world. As a weapon of mass destruction expert, six months after 9/11 occurred, Dave was recalled to active duty. After retiring from the Federal Government as an emergency management specialist with DHS he worked with Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, NASA and US Air Force Global Strike Command. David has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Security Management and numerous awards from military and civilian organizations.

Steven Rene, US Army (Ret)

COO, Survival Housing LLC

Steven Rene served our country for nine years in the US Army as a Pershing Missile crew member and Intelligence Analyst, deployed with the 1st Cavalry Division for Operation Desert Storm. As a result of this wartime service, Steven was exposed to Sarin nerve agent in Iraq. Upon his Honorable discharge he attended college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and started his own international non-profit organization, helping victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. He served in the country of Belarus for 12 years remodeling and updating their clinics and running a small ranch for social orphans. His construction experience is another great fit with Fortitude Ranch where he serves as our Ranch Manager.

Eric P, US Navy (Ret)

Fortitude Ranch Wisconsin Ranch Manager

Eric grew up in a military household. With an aptitude for repairing things, Eric worked in a local garage and learned light auto / truck mechanic skills. After Eric served in the US Navy as a Boatswain’s Mate with many collateral duties including boat coxswain, ship’s swimmer, landing signal man, security alert force and airfield Crash- Crew chief, he attained his Airframe and Power plant licenses along with his Commercial Pilot license. Before joining Fortitude Ranch, Eric owned and operated a small aircraft maintenance, inspection and repair shop with a number of specialties. Two characteristics Eric has developed over the years are “learn something new every day” and the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”.

Brandon M, US Army (Ret)

Fortitude Ranch Nevada Ranch Manager

Brandon M is a seven-year veteran of the Army where he served as an infantry mortarman. He was stationed in Germany for three years and Fort Drum, NY with the 10th Mountain Division for four years while doing two combat deployments. After his service he attended college, getting B.A.s in Philosophy and Anthropology, with a minor in Geographical Information Sciences. He also worked as a machinist for 12 years doing metal fabrication and welding. Brandon grew up on a 640 acre farm where they had sheep, chickens, and grew canning crops. In his spare time he enjoys building ARs, hunting, and archery.

Dustin G, US Marine Corps (Ret)

Fortitude Ranch Texas Ranch Manager

Dustin G is a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, who served over 15 years on active duty. His primary specialty was Military Police. Dustin served as Squad leader in an MP combat unit and as Watch Commander for multiple platoons guarding air stations in southern California. His secondary duty was weapons marksmanship training, ranging from crew served heavy weapons to small arms. Military training includes Antiterrorism officer, marksmanship coach, defensive tactics instructor, Marine Corps Martial arts, combat medical aid, and multiple combat training courses. After the Marines he worked as a Sergeant at the Deputy Marshall’s office for the Maricopa County Superior Court, and as a Custom Protection Officer with a police department in Arizona.

Ari B, Israeli Defense Force Veteran

Fortitude Ranch West Virginia Ranch Manager

Ari was born in California, raised in Israel, and lived for three years in Italy before coming back to the states in 2019. Ari is an IDF veteran and also served as volunteer civil guard in Israel assisting Israeli police. After military service, Ari graduated from Wingate sports institute as a certified martial arts instructor and worked as an armed medic, escorting school field trips, visiting tour groups from abroad and performing guard duty. Trained in CPR and first aid, Ari put these skills for use transporting patients in ambulances. Ari has been training in martial arts for the past 20 years, starting off with Karate, on to Bujinkan and Judo, Jeet kun do, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay thai and Krav maga.

Alicia C

SVP Sales Fortitude Ranch; CEO, Survival Housing LLC

Alicia brings 25+ years of media sales and business development experience. For entrepreneurial DNA, she’s worked at 4 digital media startups, of which 3 were acquired. She recently lived in Boise, Idaho, where she led print & digital sales for an adventure magazine, as her interest in hiking, cycling and exploring the outdoors was in sync with award winning content. Alicia has consulted for other survivalist community properties, and follows prepper trends closely. She’s a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, with a BA in Communication and Media Studies.

Rick C, US Army (Ret)

Assistant Fortitude Ranch Wisconsin Ranch Manager

Rick is an expert prepper, and co-founder of Fortitude Ranch. Rick is also a former Army Chem Bio officer, with extensive experience in all aspects of survival and preparedness. On Active Duty he served as a Scout, Sheridan Crewman, and M60 series Crewman. In the Army Reserve Rick was in Military Intelligence, and in the Army National Guard he served as a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Specialist. In his civilian life he has trained first responders in the local Emergency Management Agency.

Nathan H, Army National Guard (Ret)

Fortitude Ranch Colorado Ranch Manager

As a former Army National Guard infantryman and private security contractor, Nathan takes security seriously. As a life-long outdoorsman and deep-country backpacker, Nathan enjoys helping members learn and develop survival skills. Nathan was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for firearms instruction, and is a skilled gunsmith. In addition to training members on shooting skills, Nathan assists members in weapons selection and design.

Anna M

Office Manager/Sales

Anna manages FR office operations and assists with sales, explaining the many membership and token options. While she attended the University of Edinburgh for a year, she graduated from the University of Colorado where she participated in Army ROTC training. She has served at all FR locations and will likely be at the FR Colorado ranch during a collapse.

John Reynolds

Fortitude Ranch Engineer

John comes to Fortitude Ranch with a 38-year professional background in design and development of residential and light commercial projects, from concept to structure completion. He has designed hundreds of custom homes and worked the design and development of over 25 large residential subdivisions. John is an expert in CADD, structural engineering for safety and quality, truss design, quality assurance, manufacturing of construction components, and navigation of international building codes. John is now working on the sale and manufacture of container homes, tiny houses and pre-manufactured modular homes ideal for full time or part time survival use.


Fortitude Ranch Texas Guard Dog

Rosie excels in keeping foxes and coyotes away from our free-range chickens.. Pets are allowed at Fortitude Ranch—but members are responsible for providing their food, cleaning up, and ensuring they are never a nuisance.


Fortitude Ranch Texas Guard Dog

Luna is an apprentice Guard Dog at FR Texas, working with Rosie.


Fortitude Ranch Nevada Guard Dog

Nala is the senior guard dog at FR Nevada, focusing on RV area protection

Ron Weasley

Fortitude Ranch Nevada Guard Dog

When not trying to crawl into your lap, Ron serves as mid-range Guard Dog, visiting all buildings while keeping an eye on the chickens.


Fortitude Ranch Nevada Guard Dog

Starbuck provides long range reconnaissance and protection, covering all 175 acres of our property and venturing into surrounding BLM land in pursuit of coyotes and jack rabbits, reinforced by her brother Ron if a serious threat.


Fortitude Ranch West Virginia Guard Dog/Entertainment Director

Ringo does his job well—keeping foxes and coyotes away from our free-range chickens, deer from our peach trees and gardens, and providing warning barks when people approach. Ringo is also a true best friend, enjoyed by all our guests. He is convinced that small creatures hide in rocks, and can spend an hour wrestling a big boulder around, barking and having a great time. Pictured here in front of the “Hobbit House”, a guard shelter attached to the guard watch gazebo.


Fortitude Ranch Colorado Guard Dog

Dakota is head Guard Dog at Fortitude Ranch Colorado.


Fortitude Ranch Colorado Guard Dog

Frodo, half Coon Hound, half Border Collie, assists Dakota in defending the chickens and members of Fortitude Ranch Colorado.


Fortitude Ranch Wisconsin Guard Dog

Brea guards and protects friendly critters and guests at our lakefront Fortitude Ranch Wisconsin location