Covid-19 update and Second Fortitude Ranch March 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update We continue to be extremely lucky with this virus.  The rate of spread has been dramatically reduced, and Covid-19 has a less than 1% lethality rate for working age population, no mutations yet increasing its lethality, and law and order is holding.  With more and more National Guard units being called up to pass out food, they are very well positioned to immediately back up police if gangs or other bad people do start looting and marauding.  Most people are very well stocked up on essential supplies—some with far more toilet paper than they’ll need.  So […]

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Fortitude Ranch March 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update Hate to say “we told you so” but our first newsletter report on the virus over a month ago is still the best estimate:  an unstoppable spread of the pandemic, 1% lethality rate that is not likely to lead to a “collapse.” You may read in papers that the lethality rate of Covid-19 is 2 or 3%, but this is a good example of false, misleading statistics.  Amongst people they know have Covid-19, 3% may be dying, but far more have it, don’t get sick or tested, so the real lethality rate of this virus is […]

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February 2020 Coronavirus update and Fortitude Ranch newsletter

Coronavirus Pandemic Update In our last newsletter a few weeks ago we assessed the coronavirus threat:  “Our bottom-line conclusions thus far:  this will become a worldwide pandemic, with the virus directly killing perhaps a few million, but likely a less than 1% chance that the average American will be killed.”  While the data is still uncertain, it looks like our earlier assessment is still the best guess for how this pandemic will play out. Using the latest data, Harvard’s School of Public Health says there is a “less than 5% chance” this coronavirus, Covid-19, will be contained like SARS was.  […]

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December 2019 Fortitude Ranch Member (and Fortitude Token holder) Newsletter

How to deal with Radioactive Fallout, Construction updates at Fortitude Ranch locations, End of Year Holiday Sale on Memberships, another news media video on Fortitude Ranch, and advice on the best items for collapse barter in this issue How serious is radioactive fallout? How will Fortitude Ranch deal with fallout? David Jones (FR WV Ranch Manager, former Army NBC Officer) and I are often asked about how we’ll handle radioactive fallout at FR, so we’ve prepared this brief summary. Unlike ground zero of a nuclear weapon detonation or nuclear power plant accident, fallout is usually relatively low level radioactive. Highly […]

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September 2019 Fortitude Ranch Member (and Fortitude Token holder) Newsletter

Is the 2020 U.S. Election a new risk of a Collapse? For months we’ve been hearing and reading concern that the Trump-Democrat split in the U.S. is worsening and that many, thousands or millions, on the losing side next Fall will refuse to accept the results—generating violence ranging from riots lasting weeks or months, to a form of Civil War. With the Impeachment process now underway, and early speculation that it will be rejected, but unresolved, acerbating party lines, the split gets worse—and the probability of a compromise more middle of the road candidate like Biden worse. He has lost […]

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June 2019 Fortitude Ranch Member (and Fortitude Token holder) Newsletter

New “Bird’s Nest” and Guard Tower at Fortitude Ranch Colorado Below is the view from the new three-story tall tower built at Fortitude Ranch Colorado. Often its big horn sheep around us, but these are free range cattle on our property. We’ll also be adding our own cattle to the area free roaming herd later this summer. Those are the “Collegiate Peaks” of Colorado, 14,000 feet plus tall, in the distance. While a great place to sit and enjoy 360 degrees of scenery, it is of course also a guard tower at the corner of the compound.  Guards can see […]

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May 2018 Member (and Fortitude Token holder) Newsletter

Fortitude Ranch West Virginia Open House We had a very successful tour and open house of our rapidly expanding West Virginia location.  The photo below shows member prospects looking at the inverter, batteries (in the small log building), solar panels and propane generator we just added to produce our own electricity.  The rock structure on the right is a huge grill and smoker.  We have an agreement with local farmer to buy cattle during a crisis at a premium to market price, and will process many of them into jerky using this huge grill/smoker. The new “long basement” building is […]

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Three Reasons to Consider Fortitude Ranch Survival and Recreational Community—before the Jan 30 deadline to buy their discounted price membership token

First: it is the most affordable and reliable survival protection you can obtain. Fortitude Ranch is a recreational and survival community located in remote, forested areas, equipped to survive any type of disaster and long-term loss of law and order. Fortitude Ranch is managed by professional, full time staff, and affordable because of large numbers of members, economies of scale. In a crisis we rely on our members to man guard stations, gather firewood, hunt and fish, prepare meals, and other tasks. You can see photos and details on how Fortitude Ranch operates, and information on purchasing our Fortitude tokens […]

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Why “Contingent Membership” in Fortitude Ranch with a Utility Token purchase may be best for you

Often when a couple considers joining Fortitude Ranch one is eager to join, and the other does not believe prepping is necessary. Sometimes the ability to use Fortitude Ranch as a recreational and vacation facility convinces the other to join, and often they decide to wait. The problem with waiting to join Fortitude Ranch is that when there is a crisis brewing, or a 60 Minutes show on a new threat like bioengineered viral pandemics, millions may want to join Fortitude Ranch when we have just a thousand openings. The only way you can join then is to own our cryptocurrency […]

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