Monkey pox, bioengineering, and the need to be prepared for a pandemic

A Nov 3 article in the Washington Post warns of Monkeypox, a human to human transmissible virus with 10% lethality (1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 100 million was only 1.5% lethal).  We are not in any way prepared for the threat of a natural pandemic or, perhaps worse, a bioengineered pandemic. This is why we founded “Fortitude Ranch” a recreational community in rural mountain/forest locations that is a great place to vacation and recreate in good times—and a “head for the hills” survival facility during bad times like a pandemic or widespread electric outage.

From the article:

“A cousin to the deadly smallpox virus, the monkeypox virus initially infects people through contact with wild animals and can then spread from person to person. The disease produces fever and a rash that often turns into painful lesions that can feel like cigarette burns. It kills up to 1 in 10 of its victims, similar to pneumonic plague, and is particularly dangerous in children. Monkeypox is on the U.S. government list of pathogens such as anthrax and Ebola with the greatest potential to threaten human health. There is no cure.”

A bioengineered pandemic, taking Avian Flu and modifying it to be human to human, transmissible is an even greater threat.  Experts estimate an Avian Flu pandemic could kill a billion people.  An article I published in The American Interest on the bioengineered pandemic threat is available here.

During a pandemic grocery stores will be emptied in first hours, and there will be no food trucks delivering to cities—drivers won’t risk getting exposed to the virus or being attacked by criminals or panicked people marauding for food.  Economic activity will shut down, and widespread law and order is likely.  To survive a collapse you don’t want to be in an urban area, but a safe survival facility like Fortitude Ranch.