Fortitude Ranch March 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update

Hate to say “we told you so” but our first newsletter report on the virus over a month ago is still the best estimate:  an unstoppable spread of the pandemic, 1% lethality rate that is not likely to lead to a “collapse.”

You may read in papers that the lethality rate of Covid-19 is 2 or 3%, but this is a good example of false, misleading statistics.  Amongst people they know have Covid-19, 3% may be dying, but far more have it, don’t get sick or tested, so the real lethality rate of this virus is likely 1% or less.  Many experts are estimating 1% as the likely lethality rate.  More important, it’s the elderly and those already weakened with some other illness that are dying.  Amongst the working age population, the lethality rate is very likely less than 1%, which means people will continue to report to work and we are not likely to have an economic shut down, or collapse leading to loss of law and order.  But you can never ignore the risk of people acting badly, gangs deciding to more aggressively steal and loot, that could lead to food shipments ending and a ramp up in widespread marauding that leads to a collapse.

The UK has released their national pandemic plan which acknowledges that police won’t be able to respond to all crimes, and includes calling up the Army if needed to maintain law and order.  You don’t hear any official admission that first responders will have higher casualty rates in a pandemic and that law and order could be lost, but we are well aware of this risk and prepared to shelter our members safely.

If Members want to self-quarantine at Fortitude Ranch contact us—but we don’t expect this will be necessary as long as food shipments continue and law and order is maintained

We are open for member vacation stays (up to 10 days/year), but do not see any immediate need for members to come to FR for survival.  Elderly members are more at risk from this virus, and are welcome to stay longer at FR beyond the vacation stay.  Members who want to discuss self-quarantining at a FR location should contact their Ranch Manager or [email protected]

The big, really bad virus and pandemic threats lie ahead:  Avian Flu or a Bioengineered Virus released by terrorists or enemies

Even if we find a vaccine for Covid-19, our future holds far more deadly viruses like Avian Flu which experts say could kill a billion people, and deliberate, bioengineered viral pandemics launched by terrorists or nation states like Iran or North Korea.  Experts have been warning for a decade now that Avian Flu, with 60% lethality, will eventually become human to human transmissible due to natural viral mutations.  Papers have been published on how to make a human to human transmissible version of Avian flu.  A terrorist or nation state like Iran or North Korean may deliberately modify a deadly virus and release it in the U.S in a bio attack.  Experts use the word “inevitable” for these pandemics.  I wrote an article published in The American Interest in 2017 calling this “The Age of Bioengineered Pandemics and Collapse.”

We hope that Covid-19 may serve as a “wake up call” that people and businesses need to prepare for pandemics as a frequent occurrence—with a virus far worse that will both kill many more people and lead to a loss of food production or distribution, and long term, widespread loss of law and order.  A loss of the electric system from cyber-attack, solar flares, an EMP nuclear attack or other natural disasters or deliberate attacks could also cause a collapse that leads to hundreds of millions or billions of fatalities.

Consider Adjusting your Investments to deal with the Age of Pandemics and Collapse

You need a long-term strategy for investing in times of pandemic, loss of the electric system, or other major collapse disasters.  Many Wall Street investors have been shorting airlines and other companies especially vulnerable to a pandemic.  Finding companies that will profit from a pandemic, long term loss of the electric system, major war, or other collapse disasters is another useful and less risky way to profit when the stock market overall is tanking.

Fortitude tokens are another good pandemic, collapse investment.  Since its issue, the Fortitude membership token is up 60% in price, now selling at $160.  The Fortitude cryptocurrency is a “utility token” with real underlying value—the right to buy Fortitude Ranch membership at a fixed price.  Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies have no underlying value, no real use.  The price of Fortitudes will surge periodically as demand for FR membership exceeds capacity since token holders get priority to join FR when a wait list forms.

Anyone can buy Fortitude Ranch tokens to add an investment that gains in value during a pandemic or other collapse disaster when the rest of the stock market is tanking.

If you’re an “accredited investor” (earn over $200K/year or have net worth over $1MM) you can buy equity in Fortitude Ranch for a great hedge to your stock market investments.  Email [email protected] if you’d like a copy of our equity offering memorandum.

We are prepared at WV and CO, and our focus now is raising funds to open additional locations, starting with NV and WI where we’ve already got partners and resources lined up.  We can open a new location in a few months, we just need investors to fund the new locations.  You can help in two ways:

  1. If you know anyone who may be interested in investing $100,000 or more please recommend FR to them and have them email [email protected]
  2. Buying our membership tokens now helps us fund expansion and gives you priority to join FR over cash buyers when new locations near you open