Covid-19 update and Fortitude Ranch May 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update

As we predicted back in January, the low lethality of this virus, now believed to be much less than 1%, has made this no real threat, not a collapse trigger.   As we’ve noted in previous newsletters, we need to get prepared for really bad pandemics like Avian Flu with a 60% lethality rate, or a bioengineered virus released by Iran, North Korean, an Islamic terrorist group, or even one dedicated individual who thinks the best way to stop human damage to the planet is to wipe out most of our species.  We will maintain vigilance for bad pandemics that experts have long been warning are “inevitable”, not to mention threats to our vulnerable electric system, economy, and new technologies like nano technology and artificial intelligence that could wreak havoc that dwarfs Covid-19.

Great TV report on the value of prepping

CBS Saturday Morning just ran a 5-minute news report on prepping, explaining how the past perceptions of preppers as nutty and paranoid were wrong.  The report shows how prepping is sensible “insurance” to keep your family alive during a pandemic, long term loss of the electric system, or other big disaster.  Hopefully this video will help convince more people that preparedness is a must, a very vital, sensible thing to do.

Preppers who already knew this should send this video to their friends and family who have doubted the wisdom of being prepared.

FR NV Land buy

We have purchased 40 acres of land in west central Nevada, in the Lake Tahoe, Virginia City, Reno area for a new FR Nevada location.   We are looking for land in Wisconsin that will be next, followed by Tennessee and Vermont.  We are especially interested in finding “Joint Venture” partners like an RV camp in forest, or dude ranch or resort that would be a great location for FR, and already has land and dining, bathroom, other facilities we can use to lower our investment to expand to new locations.  If you know any great potential JV partners for us, please contact [email protected]   If you are interested in learning more about FR Nevada, contact Alicia at [email protected].

New “Viking Lodge” building in Colorado under construction

We will more than double membership capacity in Colorado (which has been sold out) with a new building that features a huge, insulated basement, and two levels of rooms, with a “bird’s nest” on top.  In vacation times, the Bird’s Nest provides a fantastic 360 degree view of forests and mountains.  In a collapse situation, it’s a great guard post.  Building will be ready for use in June.

Top 10 Reasons to join Fortitude Ranch

1.  Fortitude Ranch is the only combination survival community and recreational facility:  enjoy the good times, survive a bad pandemic, loss of electric system or low and order, collapse in functioning economy

2. Fresh air, blue skies… open/natural settings, lots of space around each ranch.  Remote locations for a great vacation experience and safe survival retreat.

3. Effective and Affordable Survival community:  it is too expensive to build and maintain a safe bug out facility, and you need lots of guards on duty to be safe during a bad collapse with loss of law and order.

4. Experienced military veterans in charge of operations and lots of like-minded, responsible members determined to cooperate and survive.

5. Multiple ranch locations across the nation—you have a “home fort” but can use any FR location to vacation or take refuge during a collapse.

6. MD assigned to each ranch, along with experienced RN’s and Pharmacists as members

7. Sustainable living (gardening, solar, livestock/chickens, hunting, fishing, off-the-grid capability)

8. 10 vacation days per year when times are good, at any ranch of choice (hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, skiing, snowmobile trails, frisbee golf, various activities by location)

9. Protection for you and family when times are tough- pandemics, civil or social unrest, natural disasters, EMP, bioweapon attack, nuclear threats, economic collapse, any threat

10. We are expanding- goal is to reach 12 ranches across the nation (available now- CO, WV, NV…coming soon- WI, TN, VT)

Interested?  Next action step:  send a note to [email protected]   Please mention what state you live in, so we can refer you to best ranch location from your hometown.

Alicia Cachuela
VP, Sales & Business Development
text/call: 208-422-4750
[email protected]

FR Survival Training Course

Due to the increasing demand for survival training, Fortitude Ranch will now be teaching a two day survival and preparedness class covering threats, key survival principles, bug out bags, tactical movement, starting/managing fires, AR-15s/shooting/weapons/safety, defending a house or compound, chickens and animal care, radiation detection, chemical detection and decon, solar systems and power, food storage, growing food in a collapse, trade and barter in collapse, survival hunting/fishing/traps, body disposal, survival communities, early warning of threats, and staying ready.  The first day is classroom training, second is conducted in the field and firing range.

The course is free for FR members, half price for Fortitude token holders.  More information will be posted on our website soon, for now reserve these dates:

  • West Virginia, July 25-26
  • Colorado, Aug 29-30
  • Nevada, Sep 19-20

Save the date:  FR Members update teleconference, June 17

We will hold a FR members only teleconference on June 17 at 6pm Mountain Time where we’ll discuss our new Nevada location (and possibly WI location also by then) and how to get a small coded FR locations directions slip to keep in your wallet (in case you can’t get to your home fort, and need directions to a closer FR location you’ve not been to before).  Will go over some other issues as well and then plenty of Q&A time.

We are working to raise investment to open more Fortitude Ranch locations

Thousands of people have contacted us wanting to join FR, so we need investors to fund expansion to other locations.  If you know anyone who qualifies as an accredited investor ($300K in annual income or $1million in net worth excluding primary residence) please contact them about Fortitude Ranch and have them email [email protected] about investing.