Covid-19 update and Second Fortitude Ranch March 2020 Newsletter

Covid-19 Virus Threat Update

We continue to be extremely lucky with this virus.  The rate of spread has been dramatically reduced, and Covid-19 has a less than 1% lethality rate for working age population, no mutations yet increasing its lethality, and law and order is holding.  With more and more National Guard units being called up to pass out food, they are very well positioned to immediately back up police if gangs or other bad people do start looting and marauding.  Most people are very well stocked up on essential supplies—some with far more toilet paper than they’ll need.  So we continue to believe that while the virus will keep spreading, and could be a threat well into next year or beyond, it still seems unlikely to cause a Collapse.

As noted in our last newsletter, the big, really bad virus and pandemic threats lie ahead:  Avian Flu or a Bioengineered Virus released by terrorists or enemies.  We hope people will use Covid-19 as a wake-up call to get prepared, but unfortunately some will wrongly assume that viruses aren’t that bad.   Avian Flu, with 60% lethality, will eventually plague us, and experts predict it will kill a billion people directly, with the Collapse (economy not functioning, widespread loss of law and order) perhaps killing more.  We also have a very fragile electrical system, vulnerable to solar flares, EMP damage from high altitude nuclear weapon detonation (one may be enough), cyber-attacks, and terrorist attacks on choke points.  Experts have long warned that the grid could go down for a year before it could be repaired—which would mean not just no economy operating, but no municipal water systems working (lots of electric pumps required), and huge marauder threat with no electric lights, police overwhelmed.

We are working to raise investment to open more Fortitude Ranch locations

Thousands of people have contacted us wanting to join FR, but with no room left at existing facilities we need investors to fund expansion to NV, WI and other locations.  If you know anyone who qualifies as an accredited investor ($300K in annual income or $1million in net worth excluding primary residence) please contact them about Fortitude Ranch and have them email [email protected] about investing.  Our new building design, shown below, can be put up in just two months.

New “Viking Lodge” building design can house 100 members and be built very quickly

We are switching from shallow underground shelters to this design which will shed radioactive fallout off the roof into collection ditches that take it to a sandbagged pit.  Since we have the radiation detection equipment, dosimeters and expertise, we’ll scoop up the fallout on the ground around the building and cart it away.  Radioactive fallout is low level radiation—not a serious short-term threat, but over time can increase cancer rates so we’ll remove it around our buildings, walls and guard posts.

We’ll be putting this building up at FR CO soon, and hopefully in NV and WI and elsewhere as more investor funds come in.  With this low cost, quick to build facility, we can expand FR much faster to serve more people, and give existing members additional vacation spots (and in an emergency, members can shelter at any FR location, not just their “home fort”).

Weapons at Fortitude Ranch

All members are encouraged to store an AR-15 or 12 gauge pump shotgun at their home fort.  These are the major weapons staff maintains, and 223 and 12 gauge is the major ammo we stockpile, along with 9mm for pistols.  We also have 300 win mags and 50 calibre rifles for long range shooting and defense against cars or armored vehicles.

What is the difference between Spartan, Economy and Luxury Rooms?

Spartan rooms are smaller, and less nicely furnished.  Economy have more room and nicer furniture, and Luxury is like a normal, nice bedroom.  There are lots of variations in these rooms since we have lots of different buildings and styles, but the photos below provide good examples of spartan, economy and luxury rooms at Fortitude Ranch.




If you are waiting for a Fortitude Ranch room to open up, or a new location near you, consider buying Fortitude membership cryptocurrency tokens to lock in the price and give you priority to join over cash buyers

Covid-19 has led to a huge surge in people wanting to join Fortitude Ranch, wait lists are growing, and we raise our prices periodically.  If you own our membership tokens you have protection against these price increases—the number of tokens needed to join is fixed forever.  The “Fortitude” token price does go up (was issued at $100 two years ago, now selling at $160 and likely to be raised again due to surge in demand).

If you want in join Fortitude Ranch, we recommend you buy at least 5 Fortitudes if individual, 10 couple, 15-20 family so you have priority to join and can avoid future token price increases.  Many are buying a lot more than this either to give to family or an investment to sell later.  When there is a panic, the price of our Fortitude membership tokens will probably soar as folks desperate to survive try to buy Fortitudes so they can join.

We realize the many membership options we offer and cryptocurrency options are confusing.  Our sales staff would be glad to answer questions by phone with you after you’ve read over the information on our membership tokens on the website.  The map below shows you who to email.