Fortitude Ranch June 2020 Member Newsletter

As Civil Unrest and Division in U.S. worsens, Fortitude Ranch likely to open for possible collapse post Nov election

The police murder of George Floyd was horrible, and unfortunately sparked violence and a further breakdown in our society.   Police officers shot, people trying to protect their businesses from looters murdered, Courthouses and police buildings attacked and burned. 

Changes and improvements are clearly needed, but the backlash against police, the vast majority of whom are honorable and decent, may lead to fewer wanting to serve and less commitment from them to risk their lives when either violent riots breakout, or the next pandemic or other disaster hits.  As Attorney General William Barr pointed out, communities that don’t support the police “may find themselves without the police protection they need.” 

Last Fall we added “unrest and possible civil war following the November 2020 election” as another “collapse trigger” that we would watch.  At the time it was considered highly unlikely.  Now many believe it is quite likely.  Our populace is increasingly split.  President Trump has been questioning and condemning the legitimacy of some past election results and mail in voting in this election.  People on both sides are so deeply committed pro or against him, that does unfortunately seem very feasible that an outcome they dislike may not be accepted.  If it is a close vote, and there are reports of voting irregularities, legitimate or fake, and the losing candidate refuses to concede, it is indeed possible that many Americans will refuse the results and serious violence could result.   Fortitude Ranch is not trying to blame, defend, and or take sides for what is unfolding, we are trying to point out that the ramifications could trigger a need to open our ranches for the safety and well-being of our members.

Fortitude Ranch staff will very likely declare a possible emergency for post-election violence and open up for members to take refuge on election day and thereafter if necessary.  We’ll be deciding in the next few months and will notify members well in advance of election day.

The room you don’t want to visit at FR:  Our Clinics

We hope that in a bad disaster that leads to members sheltering at Fortitude Ranch, hospitals will still be open.  But if an Avian Flu pandemic (60% lethal) or the electric system is out, the vast majority of hospitals and clinics will be closed—or law and order so bad, impossible to travel.  Thus we have clinics at FR locations and, most important, doctors/nurses/pharmacists in our membership.  Below is our FR WV clinic (hospital bed on right—operating table on left). 

Our FR CO clinic is blessed with two Colorado based former Army docs, and a doctor from Nevada—though he will be transferring to FR NV once our new ranch there opens.

Two new Fortitude Ranch locations- Northern Nevada and Wisconsin

The wait has ended… we are now accepting pioneer Fortitude Ranch memberships for our new Northern Nevada location!  You can lock in a membership prior to this ranch opening this summer.  Also, we are creating a priority “wait list” for Fortitude Ranch- Wisconsin.  If you purchase Fortitude Tokens (our version of cryptocurrency), you are immediately added to the list. For each new ranch, we are limited to a 500 member capacity, so let’s discuss soon!

Why JOIN? …

In times of social/political/economic unrest, we give you and your family immediate safety, or a back-up plan as survivalist community.  i.e.- 5 well trained military vets assigned to each ranch.  Also, each member has 10 vacations days per year, and can be used at any FR location.  Would you like survival training?  All members have an open invitation to our upcoming survival training conferences, absolutely free.  (Normally $1,500 for a 2 day course)

The pics below give an example of open ranch living of Northern Nevada, along with the beautiful state of Wisconsin.  For each new Fortitude Ranch, we will have a main log cabin, residential lodges, horses w/ corral, barn w/ animals, garden/greenhouse area, large capacity solar system, shooting/archery range, etc.

Nevada ranchland
Wisconsin forest
Wisconsin fall

NEXT STEPS if you’re interested in either ranch, as well as CO or WV ranch locations, feel free to email or call Alicia Cachuela, VP of Sales.  (please mention state you live in)

Alicia Cachuela
VP, Sales & Business Development
text/call: 208-422-4750
[email protected]

FR Survival Training Course

Fortitude Ranch offers a two day survival and preparedness class covering threats, key survival principles, bug out bags, tactical movement, starting/managing fires, AR-15s/shooting/weapons/safety, defending a house or compound, chickens and animal care, radiation detection, chemical detection and decon, solar systems and power, food storage, growing food in a collapse, trade and barter in collapse, survival hunting/fishing/traps, body disposal, survival communities, early warning of threats, and staying ready.  The first day is classroom training, second is conducted in the field and firing range.

The course is free for FR members, half price for Fortitude token holders.  More information will be posted on our website soon, for now reserve these dates:

  • West Virginia, July 25-26
  • Colorado, Aug 29-30
  • Nevada, Sep 19-20

Reminder:  FR Members update teleconference, June 17

We will hold a FR members only teleconference on June 17 at 6pm Mountain Time where we’ll discuss our new Nevada location (and possibly WI location also by then) and how to get a small coded FR locations directions slip to keep in your wallet (in case you can’t get to your home fort, and need directions to a closer FR location you’ve not been to before).  Will go over some other issues as well and then plenty of Q&A time.  To sign up, email [email protected]

We are working to raise investment to open more Fortitude Ranch locations

Thousands of people have contacted us wanting to join FR, so we need investors to fund expansion to other locations.  If you know anyone who qualifies as an accredited investor ($300K in annual income or $1million in net worth excluding primary residence) please contact them about Fortitude Ranch and have them email [email protected] about investing.