How Prepared Are You?

Shelter Sales are Booming

Top U.S. officials have underground shelter space and private company shelter sales are booming

"Mount Weather" in West Virginia is a huge FEMA-run survival site for top U.S. civilian and military officials

Survival Condo provides luxury survival facilities in former ICBM silos—with libraries, meeting rooms, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, theater and many other amenities to wait out the collapse in comfort.  These $1.5 – $3 million Survival Condos are sold out now, but a new location is under construction.

Many wealthy people hire Hardened Structures to build them private bunkers, that can cost millions of dollars, and have to be manned and protected by guard staff.  Putting a small bunker in your back yard will cost over $100,000.  But unless you can guard your air vents and prevent marauders from covering them, and can avoid catching a virus from others sitting next to you in the bunker, this is not a good option.

What is the Likelihood of a Collapse?

Here is our model and the latest estimate: