Resort Features

Fortitude Ranch members will have food, shelter, safety, essentials, some comforts, and lots of outdoor activities.
Beautiful log lodge (Community Center in event of collapse) for resort-like lodging, off-site planning conferences, guests, etc.

♦ Shallow underground shelters and log buildings, community center, horse stable, gardens inside and fields and forest outside compound walls

♦ Log home and basement rooms for members to use as motel in peacetime (metal underground shelters only used for storage, crisis-time occupation)

♦ One year food stockpiled, with ability to garden, maintain livestock, and hunt

♦ All Camps will have cattle, farm animals; most will also have hunting

♦ Horses at every Fortitude Ranch location with stables, riding corrals, and miles of outdoor trails to enjoy fantastic scenery. Hosted trail rides for novices, or ride on your own for experienced riders.

♦ Small medical clinic in Community Center, Doctors in membership

♦ Stockpiled protective masks and gloves

♦ Quarantine facilities and procedures; ability to keep groups separated long term

♦ Well, creeks, and tank stockpiled water

♦ Stockpiled coal, wood, propane and methane gas generators

♦ Small arms and ammunition (company and personal)

♦ All members have locked storage box with their personal essentials, records