Fortitude Ranch Survival Training Course

Fortitude Ranch offers a two-day survival and preparedness class covering threats, key survival principles, bug out bags, tactical movement, starting/managing fires, AR-15s/shooting/weapons/safety, defending a house or compound, chickens and animal care, radiation detection, chemical detection and decon, solar systems and power, food storage, growing food in a collapse, trade and barter in collapse, survival hunting/fishing/traps, body disposal, survival communities, early warning of threats, and staying ready.  The first day is classroom training, second is conducted in the field and firing range. This course is taught by former military experts and Fortitude Ranch recreational and survival community staff.

Topic Classroom Time (Day 1) Field Time (Day 2)
Threats, key survival principles 45 N/A
Bug out bags 15 N/A
Tactical movement 60 60
Starting/managing fires N/A 30
AR-15s, shooting, weapons, safety 30 90
Defending a house, compound 30 60
Chickens, animal care 30 15
Food storage, growing in collapse 20 N/A
Trade and barter in collapse 15 N/A
Solar systems, power 20 N/A
Q&A session 30 30
Lunch break 45 45
Radiation detection 60 0
Chemical detection, decon 15 30
Survival hunting, fishing, traps 30 45
Emergency medical care 30 30
Field exercise N/A 90
Body disposal 15 N/A
Survival communities 15 N/A
Early warning of threats, staying ready 30 N/A
Q&A session 30 30

Upcoming Schedule

There are currently no upcoming trainings. Check back for the latest schedule.

Registration Info

Price is FREE for Fortitude Ranch Members, half price for Fortitude token holders.  Non-members:

First day (classroom) only: $750
Two-day course: $1200

To register, e-mail