Prepper Storage and Survival Service

Some folks prefer to go it alone when it comes to survival, or have their own small group meeting up in some rural location.  But getting all your supplies from your city or suburban home to this retreat could prove difficult or impossible.  You might not have time or ability to get to your home to gather supplies and then head out.  Some preppers have supplies stashed in hopefully secret locations in public forests.  There are people who have a hobby of going around with metal detectors to try and find these secret stashes.

Fortitude Ranch offers a secure place to store and access your supplies—as well as water we are glad to provide—without risk of your supplies being stolen or you being ambushed trying to access them.

Fortitude Ranch is a recreational and survival community.  In good times, our members come to our remote locations to vacation and have fun—in bad times we turn into a survival community, run by professional staff.  Our goal is to help people prepare.  We understand that some preppers don’t want to be part of our survival community, or can’t afford it, and plan to do it on their own.  Our Prepper Storage and Survival Service is designed to help them out.

You can store your weapons, ammo, food and other survival gear in your storage box and not have to worry about what you can’t fit in a bug out bag, or can’t safely or reliably transport out  by car.   You can put collapsible water containers in your box and fill up with our year-round supply of fresh, clean water.  You may also need our service to avoid local regulations and bans on weapons storage, clip sizes or transport.  What you put in your private storage box is your business.

This is not just a storage service—its life saving preparedness including free water fill up and overwatch protection while you recover, regroup, meetup and prepare for moving off to your final destination.   Our Nevada Fortitude Ranch location has year-round water flow from several natural springs.  Only members are allowed inside our compound in a crisis, but you can come in to retrieve your supplies and wait outside our defensive walls (safely under our guard’s overwatch) for the rest of your family or group to arrive.

The lock box is big enough to hold long rifles: 60 inches wide, 24 inches deep, 28 inches high; over 23 cubic ft of secure storage.

Your locks and keys are used.  We recommend you hide spare keys near the property, and you are welcome to give a key to the Ranch Manager for us to securely store if you want this additional protection against lost keys.  Your name will be listed as a secure storage client, along with a security challenge question you select so we can verify your identify (or others in your group who know your name and the question).

The fee for the storage box, a 10-year rental agreement, and first year rental is $1,000.  Your future year rental cost is locked in for a decade, no price increases, at $250/year.  First visit to secure your prepper valuables is free; thereafter a $50 per visit charge to access.

We are currently offering this service only at our NV and WV locations.  If interested, contact [email protected].