Recreational Activities

Fortitude Ranch locations feature outstanding recreational opportunities for the whole family. At all locations:

  • Horseback riding
  • Campfires, hiking, and biking
  • TV, DVDs, electronics in lodge
  • Lessons on survival skills, farming, and ranching
  • Hunting and shooting

Special activities vary by site. In Colorado, enjoy rock climbing, mountain bike-only trails, and nearby sites like the Royal Gorge, National Forests, and Great Sand Dunes National Park. In West Virginia, enjoy hunting, State Parks, National Forests, and ski areas.

Shooting Activities

There are firing ranges at all Fortitude Ranch locations. Members can store weapons securely at our site, leaving them there for recreational or survival use. Avoid serious troubles of trying to transport weapons by shipping them to us or bringing them by car while on vacation.

  • Fire your own weapons, or use ours
  • No charge for members use of range
  • All the weapons pictured below (and more) available for member use